BOSS DEALS Academy™ Refund Policy

A. Our Refund Policy. We, the Company, want you, the Client, to be 100% satisfied with the program, but we also want to ensure our students have given the program a fair shot and have used their best effort to apply the methods and strategies. Please contact our support team at … 

within 90 days of your enrollment to qualify for a refund. 

Company follows a ‘Do The Work’ Refund Policy, which means Client must include ALL required, completed coursework with any request for a refund. If Client requests a refund and does not include all required coursework within ninety (90) days of enrollment, Client’s refund will not be accepted. All refunds are under the sole discretion of the Company.

We are about honesty, fairness, and customer satisfaction. We have no problem issuing a full refund if you’ve actually tried your best and done the work, but the course was not fitting for your business and/or business goals.

B. Example of No Refund. An example of a situation where we wouldn’t grant a refund is if a student doesn’t put in any effort, doesn’t try at our courses, doesn’t take full responsibility for their own success, and then asks for their money back. We also do not offer refunds for the following: (1) attempts to use the refund policy as a way to opt-out of any existing financial obligation and/or payment plan already committed to us upon signing up for our program, (2) change of business direction after purchasing the course, and/or (3) inability to complete the program.

C. Example of Granted Refund. An example of a situation where Company would give a refund is if Client completes the entire course, tries their best, shares with us what they learned, and then provides an objectively fair reason why Client wants their money back. This means Company expects the following documents and tasks to completed before requesting a refund: 

  • Proof of a worksheet completion rate of at least 50%;
  • A link to Client’s CRM proving that Client have implemented the lessons accordingly and have made an effort of using our strategies with screenshots included;
  • Proof of active participation, initiative, and responsiveness in the private BDA student Facebook community;
  • A progress rate of at least 50% within the Kajabi member’s portal;
  • Screenshots and proof that Client has made an effort to ask questions when experiencing challenges during the program; 
  • A minimum one-page write up on the top 3 lessons Client learned from the program and a fair reason for why Client thinks the program didn’t work for Client’s particular needs.



Disclaimer: Due to the digital nature of our course, Company does not offer refunds for those who do not do their due diligence to ensure the course is the right fit for them. It is the Client’s responsibility to carefully review our sales page and terms and conditions before purchasing, using, or accessing any of our products and Program. Please note, we do not offer partial refunds for our programs and our exclusive optional Add-On Bonuses are non-refundable under any circumstances. Company follows a “DO THE WORK” refund, as outlined above.